Culture Change in Basketball? Series Issue 1


From the beginning basketball has always been the hardworking, clean-cut and fundamental sport. If you take a look at the basketball timeline from the beginning to now you will see that the game has changed tremendously. Starting from what players used to wear back then before games to what they wear now before games. Other examples in how they act, the influences that are around them, and the over feel when attending a basketball game as a fan. The culture in basketball now days has turned to a hip hop based culture. Players styles before attending games, hip hop artists buying ownership  in teams and hip hop music being played in NBA marketing and arenas. The fan base for the NBA has even been attracting hip hop artists to watch and help market teams and merchandise. Some people like this culture change and some have problems with this culture change. Is the hip hop culture in the NBA bad?  This issue seems to become a bigger and bigger topic as the NBA progresses. As fans we should be concerned of what we watch or what we listen to. Our hip hop music today talks about NBA players and certain NBA teams, sports video games are having hip hop related soundtracks and hip hop celebrities to play with in the game itself. Hip hop celebrities are even becoming owners and agents to NBA players! Now is this an issue we should be concerned about as fans of the NBA or should we push something like this to the side? Through this blog series you are going to see how the Hip Hop culture incorporates itself in the NBA.

Hip Hop seems to have no problem fitting in to the NBA culture, and the 90’s is where it started to become hot. Every movement has a starting point!

People feel that hip hop is becoming to much in the game of basketball, the hip hop culture is incorporating itself in to sport video games such as NBA 2k13. This video game was help produced by Jay-Z, Jay-z added Hip Hop celebrities in to the video game! Is this going to far?


The Hip Hop culture is involving it self with NBA even through these small examples. Is the Hip Hop Culture in the NBA bad?


One thought on “Culture Change in Basketball? Series Issue 1

  1. I like how you list changes throughout the history of NBA, I am wondering can you list more examples regarding your arguments? Maybe some evidence and names of celebrity can help audience better visualize your points. In addition, I think a little more further explanation would help me to understand your point better 

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