Culture Change in Basketball? Series 2

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The Hip Hop Culture in the NBA, is it bad? Like i mentioned earlier in the first post the NBA has always been a clean-cut, blue-collar sport over time. As i have come to notice over time is that the culture of the NBA has been changing, but what exactly is changing? Lets think about this, in the age of the 80’s to early 90’s the hip hop culture had been growing and revolutionizing. People during these ages were drawing their attention towards the rap culture during these times because Hip hop was growing in to a every day phenomenon. As society was starting to embrace the hip hop culture, some sports specifically started to embrace it as well! Which sport then?

Baseball remained the same during the 80’s and 90’s with no dramatic changes, other than player skill levels. Football was trying to maintain its respected order and fan support. While these sports were doing their own thing Basketball was starting to change and become different? Basketball players had changed the way they had dressed in games by wearing baggier shorts rather than short shorts. What culture promoted baggier clothes? It was the hip hop culture, the fashion of baggy transferred to the NBA.ImagesviaGetty1_display_imagerapper

Is this necessarily bad though for basketball? Having players wear baggier shorts than original short shorts? It is actually not as bad as people say, Michael Jordan actually preferred baggier shorts than the short shorts because he felt more comfortable wearing them like that. Even though it seems completely wrong to some having longer baggier shorts is not as bad as it seems. Players in todays NBA culture all wear baggy shorts because they are loose and comfortable for them to play in. The influence of the hip hop culture helped bring this movement  in to the NBA.

Has the Hip Hop culture rubbed off too much on players in the years of the NBA? Well this is where things could get controversial because NBA stars actually tried to start rapping careers as a side for there basketball career. Honestly I think NBA players to this to far by trying to rap. I understand that Hip Hop is getting better but it didn’t mean NBA players should start rapping as well! The Hip Hop culture definitely rubbed off on players too much to the point where they think that can become rap artist. This is where the NBA pushed it by players thinking they can become rap stars as well. Some examples are Shaquille Oneal, Kobe Bryant, and Allen Iverson. these three players were icons in the game of basketball and now they think they can become rap icons. Overall, this did not end up panning out for them which is a good thing. Just stick to basketball m,y friend because that is your profession; not rapping, so stay to the program.


If we had to choose a winner and loser for the rap culture being in the NBA the score would be 1-1. The baggy shorts of the hip hop culture actually helped the NBA culture. But the rapping in the NBA now that is to far, this is defiantly a loss. Now, what about the celebrities and customs of the hip hop culture is it unneccessary for the NBA?


In todays NBA hip hop celebrities such as Jay-Z, Lil-Wayne, Drake and many more attend NBA games on a consistent basis. Jay_z even owns an NBA team by the name of the Brooklyn Nets. Jay-Z recently became a sports agent as well and signed one of the NBA iconic players in Kevin Durant! Celebrities are incorporating themselves in all kinds of ways. They talk to players court side, also they ask players to be features in rap songs and music videos. The hip hop culture had blended with the NBA tremendously and the NBA is soaking it all in like a sponge. The hip hop culture of dance is being incorporated during half time shows, hip hop music is being blasted throughout the arena. Espn and other NBA sponsors are using hip hop related music during commercial breaks and advertisement. Is this to far or just what the NBA needs? The NBA is actually gaining more attention from the hip hop world but also fan support. Fans are actually enjoying the fact that the rap culture has imbedded itself i n to the NBA now. The hip hop culture and  NBA are giving majority of the NBA fans more entertainment rather than disappointment. The NBA has enhanced its entertainment level as hip hop has grown over time. Hip hop celebrities are performing during all-star games, and halftime breaks. Do the fans enjoy this though? According to ESPN it doesn’t matter both the NBA and Hip Hop are businesses. As a fan I enjoy that the NBA has the hip hop culture personally I think it makes the NBA more entertaining. People choose to hate the hip hop culture and the fact it has grown in to the NBA people have gotten a little more aggravated. Business is business and i think the NBA and Hip Hop are good business partners they go hand in hand with each other.


Ultimately I don’t think the hip hop culture corrupts the NBA, truthfully i think it betters the NBA it gives the NBA a “SWAGGER”. The NBA has become more appealing to fans that don’t even watch basketball. More fans are coming to watch players because of the hype of the hip hop culture and the overall feel of watching a basketball game. The swagger of hip hop has bettered the NBA rather than corrupt it. To me Hip Hop’s culture in the NBA gives more pro’s that outweigh the cons people try to create. I mean players seem to enjoy the game much more and see other opportunities to get noticed and shine out to the celebrity world. These are businesses that overtime have grown to become best friends. They work good together and right now in this day and age they seem inseparable.

Here are is some of the hip hop dance culture in the NBA called the “Dougie” performed by NBA player John Wall

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