NBA: NBA Draft

The most recent news in the NBA is about the NBA draft. The day when college stars begin their journey to NBA. The time since these men were little kids running in the back-yard and growing up watching and playing the game, they now have a chance to play in NBA.  These kids have worked so hard to get to this point showing there skills throughout the nation attracting NBA scouts and teams attentions. An ultimately having a chance to start a legacy with a team and become a legend. The day of the NBA Draft has finally arrived! NBA Draft 2013

This NBA draft had many people stunned, normally you have a for sure number one who is going to get picked before the draft even starts, but this was not the case. The draft consisted of uncanny picks, crazy trades and wacky suits. All these types of aspects created an entertaining NBA Draft. You didn’t know what to expect in this past draft because guys were going to places that people never would have predicted. This cause excitement and confusion throughout the whole night. When watching the draft i specifically focused and the players. Each player didn’t care where they went they were just happy to be drafted, and that’s the best mindset. Every thing these guys worked for it finally payed off they now have a chance to play in front of millions of people on a nightly basis making money on job they love to do. Players celebrated and joined in many hugs and thanks with family members. While fans in the arena cheered and booed on certain picks. I’m not going to judge though that is what fans do best, with out the commotion there is no entertainment. Overall the draft night was a success and I enjoyed watching, it was good to see players start their legacies with their new respective teams. Tune in to see some of these players, because you never know they just might become a household name!

Here are some ugly suits over the draft years 🙂 Enjoy!